sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

It´s time.

I like the simple things. I like the taste, the smell, the sound. Most people complicate every litle thing. I realy like to smile, but I cant always make people smile. I like to cry, intense cry, and I cry a lot, every week, for every thing. I cry when I happy, I cry when I sad. But I dont cry when I´m realy sad. Just dont cry. I´m a open book for most things, ´cause there´s no reason to hide my life, my fellings. I like to trust. To dont have to be worried, ´cause I dont gave people reaons to be worried about me. I like to let life take me, and sometimes, to choose my way. It´s time to rediscover myself. To rething somethings on my life that arent on the right place. Time to rediscover the simple things. To close my eyes and dance all night. To let music and tequila bring me to the place I belong to be. No more quiet dreams based on nothing. No more wait, no more try. It´s time to restart. Restart writing, reading, living. The world is cruel, but I´m in the game, and the game is over for you.
I´m back.

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